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Make the most out of your vacation in Greece and explore the treasures of the Aegean Sea with our unique sailing tours. At Actionseaze we have focused on creating memorable experiences by yachting in Naxos, one of the most popular and versatile islands of the Aegean.

Spanning from all-day trips to sunset private tours, Actionseaze offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Through a list of carefully selected yachts and numerous perks, such as SUP, snorkelling equipment and drones, our clients can choose their favourites to enhance their experience while sailing in Naxos to the open sea of Aegean and discovering the miracles of the absolute Greek Blue.

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Enjoy a full day of the ultimate sailing  in Naxos and the magic open sea of the Aegean. Alternatively, you may tailor an itinerary to your needs with Actionseaze’s skilled and experienced crew. Contact us for more information or book your reservation instantly through our website.
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Located at the heart of the Aegean Sea, Actionseaze offers sailing tours that depart from Naxos to visit the beautiful and unique Aegean Sea, with crystal clear waters, a majestic energy with breath-taking view while enjoying a greek traditional lunch, along with the music of the sea.
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A fleet of thoroughly selected and well-maintained yachts, catamarans, and cruisers are available for you to choose from. Book now the yacht of your desire and combine it with our value-added services to create the most memorable vacations of our life.

  • Modern yachts and cruisers
  • Extra features and value-added services
  • Thoroughly selected yachting professionals
  • Competitive rates

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